Florence Lucinda Carpenter Allbright Kafer

Florence Lucinda was born to George Carpenter Jr. and Dorothea Beckman on the 9th of February 1895.  After 11 years married to Dora her father George died in 1904.

Young Florence with her Grandfather George Washington Carpenter & his third wife Elizabeth

Her mother remarried Rupert Allbright in 1909, who adopted all four of her children. They all resemble this in the census records and official documents. Hence the two maiden names above. All of her siblings took on the Allbright name as well.

I imagine she loved Rupert very much as she named my grandfather Paul Rupert Kafer after him.

Florence was so beautiful that a photographer liked to have her model.

Florence Lucinda Carpenter (Albright) Kafer married Frederick Patrick Kafer on December 29, 1914, in Chadron, Nebraska, when she was 19 years old. They had 7 children in 17 years.

florence kafer

Sadly only four months after giving birth to my grandfather Paul she passed away from what they later found to be cervical cancer. She passed on Aug 8, 1932 in Rapid City, South Dakota.


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